Viral Video Content



Have a staff that can create your viral video content for you? Just looking for some inspiration and guidance? KGD Media can provide you with a list of viral video content ideas for a low cost.

  • Includes a one-time, virtual ‘bootcamp’ class for your staff to show them the basics of creating video content on your app of choice (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc)
  • Video content ideas will be timely, relevant, trending and will include directions on things like music, lighting, timing, links to sample videos, trending sounds, etc.
  • Cost: $150/10 Video Ideas
  • Turnaround Time: 3 Days 



Looking for someone to ‘just take care of it”? No problem. KGD Media can brainstorm, schedule, shoot and edit your video content for you.

  • Must agree to a 3 month contract minimum.
  • Includes a monthly check-in to discuss new video ideas, schedule shoots and analyze the success of prior videos. 
  • Cost: $600/Month (10 Videos)
  • Turnaround Time: 4 Days after the shoot 



Are you able to shoot your own content but just looking for someone to tweak, edit and prepare it for the world to see? You’ve got it!

  • Includes a one-time, virtual ‘bootcamp’ on how to best shoot your videos for editing success (if you are new to video!) 
  • Editing will include pulling together multiple clips, eliminating ums, stutters, mistakes as well as leveling out audio, adding captioning/sound effects/graphics and adjusting the color balance of any video.
  • Cost: $350/Month (10 Videos)

Want help implementing the videos we create? KGD Media also offers Social Media Management plans – check them out here!

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